VoiceThread Docs / System Integration / Information System Integration (VISI) / User experience

VISI makes finding and sharing course content extremely simple for your users. They will not need to create, register for, or enroll in any courses themselves.

Finding Course Groups

Users’ Courses will automatically appear on the left side of their VoiceThread pages. They can click on any one Course to see the content associated with it.

Using Course Groups

Sharing a VoiceThread with a Course is as easy as dropping a file into a folder. Click here to learn more about how to share with a Course Group.

Finding classmates

You can find all the members of a Course Group in the same way that you’d see the members of a regular Group in VoiceThread. Note that you won’t see members until they have accessed their VoiceThread accounts at least once after being added to the Course.

Seeing updated information

If a user has added or dropped a course, he will need to sign out of VoiceThread and back into it in order to refresh his view and see the updated information immediately. Even if the user never signs out of VoiceThread, his view will be refreshed over every weekend, so the new information will be visible the following Monday.